I’ve decided, I treat writing like a formula…

I think I figure if I do a little bit of this a little bit of that, a laugh here a titter there, and I’ll produce great work. But usually my work ends up being something very….well….

yea and just ends with me making a BIG mess and NOT making much sense. 

I try to use big words or synonyms for the words I do know, exchanging them for words I don’t or have never even SEEN before, not even SURE if they actually fit in this context. 

I try to be witty, I try to be funny. 

"Knock Knock… Who’s there?…Yea I got nothin”

But that get’s exhausting a depressing rather quickly. 

I try to be dramatic. 

but people usually tend to finish in stitches…So I result to the last thing I know how to do…copying people…Shoot I I been doing it since 3rd grade, you would think I’m an expert by now…….

NOPE!!!! I give valiant efforts but usually come up short in comparison. 

I think me trying to figure it out, trying to come up with a way to solve it, to crack the mystery of being a strong writer as if it were a test or puzzle, was my first and biggest mistake. But I am a very analytically focused person….they usually don’t make the best writers..unless its for an instructional hand book. I swear I can dumb-y down ANY process to the point a 3 year old can understand it!!!

But what I think I’ve figured out is that writing is just like any other SPORT. The only way you get better is by practicing. Every blog that I have grown to love. every author I believe to be fantastic, I am SURE writes 9 out of 7 days of the week.

So I am going to go ahead and continue forward, not worrying about if I am funny or if I make sense or if I sound like I read Webster Unabridged for fun. I am going to just attempt to write.  

And write all the time…

But maybe not necessarily everywhere…I still have nightmares of my pops yelling at me for leaning on our white walls with my “dirty a** hands” I can’t imagin what he would do if I wrote on them! 

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